We offer an integral service to develop any type of project related to the new construction of your house, managing all the stages with professionals specialized up to the delivery of keys. CONSTRUCCIONS MAGESTER will help you to solve any doubt that presents you from the beginning, in order that the approach of your construction has the wished result. We offer the possibility of collaborating with the Technical Direction of the project, to elaborate planes or inphografy 3D, during the course of the work, to facilitate the visualization of any type of solution before carrying out it, this service includes of free form once contracted the project.

    CONSTRUCCIONS MAGESTER guarantees quality in all the phases of the construction and the commitment of our staff, with the best price and a strict fulfillment of the period and offered conditions.


    CONSTRUCCIONS MAGESTER , has the ability to offer our customers the option of making their projects as assuming the conception of the project , which would include land acquisition , implementation of graphic design, construction and delivery of the work, turnkey . ideal for customers who want the peace to build your home in a safe manner , with a unique relationship between contractor and client - priced option -adjusted market.


    CONSTRUCCIONS MAGESTER has their own staff equipment specialized in structures of concrete, metallic or mixed, to guarantee the correct execution of his actions.

    Our technical and human infrastructure, together with the accumulated experience, they allow us to offer any service, innovation of products, repair and reinforcement of existing structures, with a wide range of solutions, both in new work and in reforms.


    We have great experience, besides machinery and qualified staff, for the accomplishment of any type of work, excavations, foundations, breakwaters, felling, emptying, embanked, leveling and preparations of the area.

    Our technical team will plan the execution process to the maximum detail guaranteeing the satisfaction of the costumer.


    Integral or partial Works, from a simple wall overthrow up to complete buildings refurbishment.

    We have technical specialists to give solution in all the areas of the reform or rehabilitation. Taking into the account the needs, we offer an equipment of professionals, interior and exterior carpentry, plumber, painting, blacksmithing, in order that the owner don’t worry about of different manufacturers search, with the best relation quality - price.

    Our interior designer will advise, always having in it counts the last trends and innovations of the market, to obtain a better result and a new and current design.

    We offer also the possibility of the production of planes and images 3D, both of current condition and of offer, in order that the client could see the final result before the beginning of the reform.


    We build totally personalized your swimming pool; we make possible any project for technical complexity that this one has, and guarantee the highest quality and total satisfaction

    If your current swimming pool needs repair, we are your solution. By means of visit of our technical staff, we will analyze and supervise all works to realize, escape of water, “gresite” changes, coronation or accessories.


    We realize repair works, substitution or new work, of flat or sloping covers. Our equipment will realize a study in situ of the solutions that better they adapt to the problem.

    Solutions to problems of dampness and waterproofings, using materials of the first quality.

    We guarantee and certify all realized Works.


    Total Evaluation of the ornaments conditions, cracks, forged edges, forged, for a correct treatment.

    With the use of materials of the first brands, our service is a guarantee of satisfaction.

    Our services are directed to the private clients or also to the neighbors' communities.


    We will advise on the various developments in the market in finishment questions and materials for proper implementation of its reform.

    Availability, by interior designers, making drawings and 3D images for possible proposals.


    CONSTRUCCIONS MAGESTER is aware that it is an essential part of finishing his work, and has a team of specialists who will advise on the quality of the material to be used, with a value for money unbeatable.


    Great experience in development work and roads, both own execution as subcontractors.

    Making rush for installations, placement of street furniture, street lighting, as well as laying floors or printed pavements.

    Experience working with the City of Roses, city hall connections, buried containers and linear excavations.